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Paving the Way to a Brighter Future

Fostering Footprints is a weekly program for pregnant or parenting teens.  Many teens become parents not long after aging out of foster care.  Within four years, 42 percent have given birth to or fathered children. Almost half of girls in foster care have been pregnant at least once by the age of 19 and nearly one-third have at least one child. On average, births to adolescents in foster care were 60% higher than the general population.  The well being of adolescents aging out of foster care have an increased risk of dropping out of high school, homelessness, unemployment, criminal activity, dependence on public assistance and more.   About one-fourth give birth to a second child within two years, and 28 percent of them remain poor through their early thirties, four times the rate for women who delay childbearing.

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